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Make various pottery art stoves and design and develop the apparatus with the professional technique, because make in conformity with customer's pottery art material products, wait for the use. From 1960, research and develop accurate stove and electric apparatus stove cosmetics more actively, it is the largest professional ultrasonic apparatus factory of Asia at present.

Our company is professional kiln and perimeter apparatus manufacturing plant, group of the masses of customers of the service, and possess the registration certificate that the economic department authorizes. Make various high-temperature electric stoves, pottery art apparatuses, glass coloured glaze apparatus and relevant productses, the maximum temperature can reach 1450℃ in the kiln. Offer glass craft, pottery art to create on the speciality with need relevant apparatus, tool, technological service of the laboratory. Offer high temperature such as accurate pottery, metal fritting, heat treatment to burn the stove on the industry.

The electric kiln of the accurate pottery art and our company of relevant apparatus are in order to research and develop the priority production item, many persons of enthusiastic friend's specialized guidance are researched and developed and improved to thank for pottery art in the circle, in recent years, dual-purpose kiln become the intersection of our company and the intersection of pottery art and electric the intersection of kiln and the intersection of advantage and leading indicator already, magnetism industry boil Jun Cheng, have quite good result as to kiln. Cause the same trade to plagiarize counterfeitly in a period of time at the same time. The glass coloured glaze apparatus is another developing focus of our company in recent years. Except that 800℃-1300℃glass bakes curved and alloys and frits the stove, blow-molded glass and peripheral apparatus, and the small-scale glass stove (use 110V) on the home desk type ,It is also our developing focus of this year.

Our company, in order to research and develop new the intersection of stove and apparatus constantly, product sell and spread all over the whole province, customer's number has already exceeded thousands of people, in order to offer a swifter service to the user of the whole province, accumulate experience and technology, let our manufacture and innovation in the apparatus have more competitive and more confident.